Expectations and Achievements


Avatar Tools and Techniques Change Outcomes




* Free yourself of filters and judgments that make you unhappy and sabotage your life.


* Handle resistance's that are making you age...the Avatar "youthing" miracle; slow down the aging process. 


* Align your visions, goals, actions, and values for ease in goal achievement.


* Take charge of your life; stop giving away your power...end object referral.


* Discover there is nothing you can't handle.


* Choose your experiences. Change or create your reality at will.


* Experience total self acceptanceÉ perhaps for the first time in your life.


* An understanding of attention and how it affects what manifests in your life.


* An appreciation of other's perspectives and beliefs.


* A restructuring of the personality.


* Learn effective tools to handle the physiological effects of stress.


* Skills to access your fullest potential and the potential of others.


* The ability to feel your feelings during human interchange.


* The ability to recognize and redirect your creative energy so that you can function at your optimum in your professional and personal life.


* Decrease in seriousness, stress, and tensionÉincrease in joy.


* Alignment of efforts and intentions.


* An increase in communication and coping skills.


* Increased awareness in personal belief systems and how they affect your life.


* Your ability to shift out of your experiences at will.


* A willingness to explore your own mind and history.


* Examination and release from your personal past.


EN-LIGHT-EN to give lightÉenable to seeÉcomprehend the truthÉ

impart wisdomÉfree from encumbering beliefÉreviveÉexhilarate.


* Ability to quiet the mind in just moments.


* Ability to rise above the sorrows and struggles of the world with compassion. 


* Live in the blameless world of suspended judgment.


* Experience a higher, wiser, more peaceful self as a regular state of being.


* Experience the state of consciousness described as enlightenment.


* Improve your physical and emotional well being.


* Experience life as an adventure you are directing.


* Increase your personal understanding and acceptance of life through mind/body integration.


* Experience a self that transcends life and death.


* Achieve life mastery by exercising responsible conscious decision making which is your right and heritage.


Avatar Is a Mind Expanding Course That Empowers

You to Create the Life You Aspire To




* Ability to create beliefs and events, anytime, anywhere.


* Ability to discreate negative beliefs and past traumas.


* Transform fear and resistance into love and appreciation.


* Discover emotional charges that are stuck in body tissues and release them before they manifest.


* Ability to change your body sensations and shape.


* Experience the wholeness of life that scriptures promise and masters seek.


* Become a self-determined, self referred being, free from outside authority and approval.


* Recognize and alleviate the source of your limiting habits and compulsions.


* Enjoy wonderful new experiences by creating the belief that you deserve them.


* Create the realities you prefer...not just once, but as a way of life.


* Achieve self-actualization.


* Transcend your current self by freeing up your potential.


* Experience yourself as source being and aware will.