Avatars Don’t Survive… They Thrive!


Happiness is not what you think. It's something you feel.

Success is not what you think. It's how you think.

Enlightenment is not what you think. It's what you don't think.

Harry Palmer


Effortless Living, Suspension of Judgment, & Maya


Because potential Avatars are often more familiar with the popular teachings of Chopra and the Course in Miracles, I sometimes introduce Avatar to people as Chopra for the masses or the next step after the Course in Miracles. Having taught all three of these courses, it is easy to see the interconnectedness and overlap of the concepts that are put forth in all three disciplines. The difference is in the conclusions drawn from the basic tenants, the ramifications for your life, and the options open to you once the information is delivered to you.




Chopra teaches from the Vedic scriptures. Avatar is from the Vedic scriptures. He teaches that through accessing the state of "unity consciousness" you become one with all possibilities and can manifest instantly. He teaches that you are the decision maker and you can decide to live a life of non-separation and spontaneous non-judgmentalness. He teaches about being the observer and the observed. That is the definition of who you are in Avatar. Avatar teaches you to access that state of sourceness from which you originally created your life, and by experiencing that state of pure beingness, manifest what you prefer...effortless living. Avatar teaches that you are creating your own reality out of belief systems you decided to create originally, and that you can choose to change those beliefs anytime, in anyway you choose, including realization of your oneness, non-separation, and suspension of judgment. Avatar is about responsible decision making. Only the words are different. The "world" lesson is the same.


"When one is psychologically and emotionally freed from the relentless burden of always needing to see oneself as being separate, one discovers the true Self---the Self we all are when we are undistracted by the need to see ourselves as being separate in any way.” the Avatar materials


The Course in Miracles, like most of the Eastern traditions, teaches that all is illusion, Maya. Course students have already made the leap through the hole in reality. They're familiar with that old trickster, ego. While these principles apply, Avatar gives it a different slant than the Course In Miracles does. An Avatar is defined as a being who voluntarily assumes physical form to participate in creation...realizing all the while that it is his self generated illusion …at lease the source being part of him realizes it. The human identity he creates in consciousness does not remember he created it all and believes that everything on earth is real.


Since everything is but an apparition, perfect in

being what it is, having nothing to do with good or bad,

acceptance or rejection, one may well burst out in laughter.

Lonchenpa, 14th Century Tibetan Lama


The Course In Miracles also teaches that there is no need for forgiveness if one never condemns…that the other party is doing you a favor so you can learn a lesson. This is a major key to living the Avatar life...suspension of judgment.


The Avatar materials teach that the only thing outside reality is the inexpressible source. And it is an illusion created by language that there appears to be an inside and an outside, separateness and unity, etc. Often people who are conversant with Chopra and former Course In Miracle students have an easy time understanding and integrating the Avatar materials.


The Course In Miracles also teaches that what you are experiencing is the result of your beliefs and your perceptual reality filters which is the crux of the Avatar course as you will see below.




Beliefs are the energy creating your life or so the title of one of books goes. If there is one word or concept that sums up all the goal oriented success programs, and self development books on the market today…..it is the word "Belief."


Anthony Robbins' success training uses beliefs as the underpinnings of his courses.


Belief is what allowed Lincoln to run again for president after being defeated six times.


Belief is what allowed Beethoven to continue composing after he went deaf.


Belief is what allowed Edison to invent electricity after failing for years.


Belief is what allowed Helen Keller to overcome blindness and deafness to become one of the greatest women who ever lived.


Beliefs are the basis of every great religion and philosophy in the world.


Belief is also what allowed the Nazis to destroy millions of human lives.

Think About It.


When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs,

and that beliefs can be created and discreated with ease,

the right and wrong game will wind down, and

a co-create game will unfold and world peace will ensue.

the Avatar materials


Avatar is a new approach to the age-old question of why things happen, and how we can change what is happening. I call the course, The Owner's Manual to Life, because it explains the mystery of how events occur, and how we got to where we are; and then gives you the way out of your own creations. It helps you find the answers by exploring the underlying structure of your own consciousness -- your own beliefs.


The more beliefs a person has to act and perceive through,

the harder it is for them to live the way they want to.

 the Avatar materials




You'd think we all know what we believe wouldn't you? But actually, we don't. We forget old beliefs, bury painful beliefs, deny beliefs we have judgments on, and lose site of childhood beliefs as our viewpoints shift throughout life. Since the only resonance, positive or negative, that we experience in life is resounding off our beliefs, it is important that we weed out the old false belief systems that are causing suffering, judgments, and failure in our lives.  


When a person relaxes, their lives unconsciously slip into the pattern of old beliefs. Lost awareness of old beliefs are responsible for much stress and self-sabotage. There are many lost beliefs at the bottom of a failing life, a failing relationship or a failing business.


Beliefs can become lost by becoming so familiar that they are forgotten. It happens after the goal or purpose changes. When the goal as a baby was to be cuddled and cared for by mom, the belief, "I'm cute and helpless," was assistive and valuable. One assumed it and it became part of the self.


Later when the goal changed, the belief was lost, forgotten. It became transparent. Now, the person perceives and acts through it without being aware that it's there. People lose awareness of what they believe. (As an adult CEO of a company, the belief that you are cute and helpless is not appropriate and will sabotage all your hard work and efforts to get ahead.)  I am citing the creator of Avatar, Harry Palmer’s book, Living Deliberately, which is part of Section I.


Lost beliefs form an invisible blueprint for feelings and actions, and without understanding why, we create or attract the circumstances that will fulfill them. Are there beliefs in your blueprint that are no longer of value? (They need to be discarded before you can recover your native intelligence and direction in life.)




Thoughts are things that create after themselves in like kind. If you're still thinking the same old thoughts, based on the same old beliefs, you will keep getting the same results. Einstein mused that it always surprised him when his fellow scientists expected a different outcome using the same procedures and ingredients. Thoughts send out creating energy which manifests what you think about. If you don't change your thoughts, you can't change what you get.


Beliefs Create Thoughts,

Thoughts Create Feelings,

Feelings Create Actions And Words.

 Correct The Beliefs Correct Everything Else.

  Understand Your Mind, Adele Tartaglia


Changing your beliefs is the key to the emotional freedom of experiencing feelings which contribute to your life instead of feelings that weigh you down. Getting rid of your excess emotional baggage from the past will give you a fresh outlook on life and begin an entirely new set of circumstances in your life.




The choice to be made is to create deliberately rather than unconsciously.


When people do not act deliberately,

transparent beliefs govern their lives

 and they feel swept along and out

of control by the events of their lives.

the Avatar materials


You can create by the default settings in your subconscious mind and experience random repetitive events or you can create with deliberate intention what you want your life to look like. The choice is yours.  When you begin to understand how your mind works, this option becomes much more important.




Many people are afraid to admit to being responsible for the conditions of their lives. They seem unable to take personal responsibility even for their viewpoint and opinions.


I am responsible for what I see, hear, and feel, the actions I take,

my thoughts, and everything in my life.

This is a power statement, not an admission of guilt

or a condemnation of  you by the world or yourself.

Understand Your Mind, Adele Tartaglia


What people are missing or incorrectly interpreting by being unwilling to make this statement, is that there is no judgment or faultfinding involved with taking personal responsibility. Taking responsibility for your life, is taking charge of your life...the real-time cessation of giving away your power to others who then seem to have control of what happens to you. It's the end of victimhood.


In this statement, in this fact that, "I created this event out of some unknown belief on some level of consciousness” is the source of my power. I can always change my programming, my energy, my beliefs, my actions, my thoughts, my words, and my signals, and thereby change my life. I'm in control. I am the decision-maker not someone else that I am dependant upon for my happiness.


If I keep asking “Why is this happening to me again?” as though I had nothing to do with it, pretending it has external causes versus internal causes within me, I am rendering myself helpless to change it. I'll remain for the rest of my life at the mercy of some person, thing, fate, or even life itself and feelings of hopelessness will engulf me.




We are not helpless to change our life circumstances, we do not need to live in survival mode, and we do not need to feel hopeless about our future! Life is an adventure and we are choreographing that adventure!


My biggest win on the course was when

I discovered that I created it all.

Immediately I realized that if I created it, I could

stop creating it, uncreate it, and create

whatever outcome I wanted! And I did!

I discreated a 10 year law suit I had presented

27 boxes of hard evidence for and still

could not get out of or prevent myself

from being framed by a convicted felon.

In 10 minutes I discreated the whole thing

and got my life back.


Unbelievable!! This One Piece Of

Information Changed My Life Forever.


If we wish to change the experiences of our life, and indeed ourselves, we must learn to manage our beliefs because belief is the determining factor of our reality. Beliefs are the thought forms through which you create, interpret and interact with reality. They are specialized thought forms that continuously create experiences. And only by owning them can we change them.


The process of change does not have to be complicated, lengthy, or difficult. Once you learn the techniques of Avatar, these shifts in perception and the consequential shifts in your reality are easy and effortless.


When you are ready to accept responsibility for your life's direction, the most empowering course available today is waiting for you! Choose Change. Choose Avatar.


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