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 The Avatar Course is a series of experiential exercises that enable you to rediscover yourself and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Using the Avatar tools, you will experience your own unique insights and revelations, not what someone else experienced. You personalize this expedition according to your own needs. How far you go is a matter for you to determine. There will be no effort to indoctrinate you with any belief or truth. The truth you discover is your own truth with relevance to you and your life.


The goal of the three-section course is to guide you in an exploration of your own belief systems and to equip you with the tools to modify those things that you wish to change, both discreating beliefs that do not serve you and creating new beliefs that will actualize your goals.


The beauty of taking the Avatar course is that you get a set of tools you will use everyday of your life for the rest of your life. Along with the tools and techniques, comes an in-depth study of how your mind actually works, how we layer beliefs, resistances, and creations until we distance ourselves so far from our original essence...sourceÉ that we forget who we are and that it our game and we are in control of it.


After the course, every time something happens you don't prefer, you make the connection between what you are experiencing and the belief that is creating the experience...and then you handle it with the Avatar tools.




Section I is a one to two-day exploration into how your own beliefs systems are affecting your life. It's a look at your personal blueprints from which you are constructing the events and relationships you are experiencing. The exercises offer you personal insights and opportunities to make permanent changes immediately.


The Transparent Belief exercise and the Walk For Atonement exercise are two very powerful tools you will use to expand your awareness of your own thinking processes that will bring amazing insights as to why you are living the life you are. The Compassion exercise will result in a more intimate, more compassionate connection with your fellow man and move you to a new place from which you will never return to previous prejudices and judgments.


You may sample Avatar by trying out these exercises now by clicking on the EXERCISE section of this site. The Alignment exercises are being used successfully as goal setting tools in business and prosperity classes. Just these three exercises make it worth while to take the ReSurfacing workshop. In all, there are 30 transformational exercises in Resurfacing. These are only a few of the reasons why you owe it to yourself to take this profound journey in Resurfacing your mind today.

Cost: U.S. $250 (1-2 Days)


The Resurfacing Workshop is available on audiotape.  Contact me to order this at home study course.





This exciting section develops your ability to intentionally create the reality you prefer. This is the most advanced technology for manifesting reality available today. It is a simple direct process that brings the desired result in the foreseeable future. Many of your creations manifest instantly. This is not daily preparation, centering, affirmations, focusing on a particular area of the brain, kundalini, meditation or any of the other methods used today to manifest. This is an ancient wisdom once learned that alters the quality of your life forever. It works with consistency in every area. Simply discreate what you donŐt want to experience and create what you do want. I have created all my homes, cars, mental states, money, successes, good health, relationships, and opportunities since becoming an Avatar.


Section II gives you transforming realizations about why aspects of your life have not developed according to potential and what is needed to correct the situation. It familiarizes you with the specific abilities and perceptions required to successfully manage what you are experiencing in life. The second exercise develops your skill in recognizing, creating, and changing your judgments about things and people. How we experience a person or an event is based on the judgments and labels that we have projected on to our perception of them. Two people will experience the same event entirely differently. It ruins one person's life and becomes a turning point for the other's life. The difference lies in the judgments and beliefs the person came into the situation with, i.e. their perceptual reality. Learn to shift your perceptual reality in an instant.


The other fantastic lesson is Section II is learning how to get into the peaceful state that surpasses understanding within minutes instead of hours of meditation. You are suddenly one with all of creation with full realization that at the same time, you are creating everything in your reality. THIS IS ENLIGHTENMENT. This is you as source being anytime you want to enter into that aspect of aware self that is the real you. Having this ability to access this state instantly would have made the entire course worth taking. The perspective of this source state is unconditionally peacefully lovingly God like.


Some of the results of this section are learning to experience reality without judgment, separation or distortion, raising your ability to experience new and often resisted realities, and alignment of your efforts and intentions with the future that you wish to create. This section takes from 2-4 days to complete. Cost U.S. $500. (2-4 Days)




This section develops your ability to intentionally discreate reality, identities, and events: past and present. As an Avatar master I will take you on a guided initiation that introduces you to, and allows you to separate from, some of the most fundamental, and previously unknown, belief structures in consciousness. This is the end of family issues and resentments and what ifŐing. Once familiar with this powerfully elegant technique for managing your beliefs and experiences, you will complete solo rundowns that permit you to change body sensations, interpersonal conflicts, dependencies, encoded intergenerational programs, identities, limitations, persistent conditions, compulsions and addictions and, without even words, the beliefs of others.


Section III is real Avatar Magic! In this section you will have handled mental, physical, and spiritual excess baggage you've carried around for years that has been blocking your happiness and success. Release of burdens from a past which doesn't exist unless you deliberately keep creating it, old issues you keep replaying for yourself, personality traits that are sabotaging your goals, and repetitive patterns will be easily eliminated from your life. Cost: U.S. $1,500 (3-5 Days)


The Sections may be taken separately or all together as discussed in other sections of this site. Prices are set by the headquarters, StarŐs Edge International.


The Course is delivered only by well-trained and disciplined Avatar Masters, who will guide you into exploring realms wherein you can deliberately modify both personal and collective reality.