"Before I did Avatar I supposed it was powerful. Now the reality
goes beyond what I imagined! It's fantastic."
Poveda, Spain




What Is Avatar?


AVATAR: the Owner’s Manual to Life
Delivered in 67 Countries in 19 Languages


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taken from the books of Adele Tartaglia

and Star’s Edge International Avatar® Course


"Avatar was the course that gave me my life back."

Suter, Switzerland


Avatar is an eight thousand year old practice that “The Secret” has just pronounced the most important information in your life….The Law of Attraction….or the Law of Mind Action, as a man thinketh so he is, as the world’s greatest writers, philosophers and theologians have been thinking of it for centuries.


If your life is the outpicturing of your thoughts and your thoughts are based on your beliefs, hidden and evident, then cleaning up your beliefs will clean up your life. Avatar is the quickest method known to man to take control of your life by changing your beliefs and thus changing your life.


Unknown to many, there is a prompt effective way to stop experiencing the same events over and over, clean up addictions and personality traits that sabotage your life, and provide emotional release without using talk therapy. Repeating your story, no matter what the setting, professional or casual, re-imprints and re-traumatizes you every time you do it. Because neurons that fire together wire together, telling your story strengthens negative programs in the subconscious to continue triggering in future events causing you to stay stuck in the same reactionary response which creates the same outcome.


You too can learn simple techniques to handle relationships, money issues, illnesses, behavior modifications and persistent life issues that will not go away, including such things as law suits and chronic work related issues.


"Avatar is the most efficacious technology
for personal transformation I've seen.
It's on the cutting edge of personal development."
Graham Institute, Australia


The Avatar Course has been found to be the most effective non-traumatizing, non-imprinting methodology to release core issues, identities, traumas, and repetitive life patterns available today. This is advanced technology based on the Vedic Scriptures which is simple, immediate and effective.


Using Avatar tools, the releasement technique accomplishes what years of traditional therapy does not…. permanent cellular clearing and healing. There is no more potent consciousness clearing protocol. I have never had a student who did not get instant relief for their major traumas.


Cellular memory is erased so you are free in install new life supporting programs. You never have to repeat experiences, thoughts, or feelings from the past. Never get triggered back to painful incidents again.


In this weeklong course, you will drop baggage you have been carrying around for years and shift into being the Avatar that you already you are. You will receive everything you need to change your life easily and permanently. The Avatar tools 2 change your life provide you with the peaceful stress free life you are seeking while bringing you to the conscious realization that you are creating it all and being it all at the same time.


"Avatar is wonderful, marvelous -- I haven't got enough strong
words to express my joy, my happiness and my huge gratitude
to this course. My troubles have vanished as if by magic! May everyone find the magnificent and luminous way of Avatar."
Malterre, France


This is about living without effort, in the flow, with an assurance that you can handle anything that comes up for the rest of your life. In my opinion as an alternative therapist, this is true integrative Thought Field healing.


Because you can dispense with old behavior patterns, beliefs, and programs quickly and easily, you are constantly freed from living in the past or catastrophizing about the future so you can live in the moment, the essence of the purposeful life.


Long a challenging problem, PTSD, post traumatic stress syndrome, can be handled efficiently with the processes learned in Section III. I had a Lebanese war victim completely freed of residual trauma within a half hour using the Avatar tools.


Understanding your mind to understand your life © is the key to having the life you've always thought was impossible. Explore the layers of your own consciousness and discover the operational beliefs that are the blueprint of your life.


Beliefs Determine Events, Thoughts, Emotions, Even Your Body


Take control of your life by removing hidden subconscious beliefs that are sabotaging your goals. Install beliefs that will support your efforts for a successful life.


As stated in my Understand Your Mind, Understand Your Life book….here at last is a way to change beliefs instantly rather than by saying affirmations 200 times a day for thirty days. Amazingly new neuro nets are formed immediately and old hard wiring is disconnected instantly using these amazing tools. There is a secret behind “The Secret” which makes this possible which I shall not get into in this Avatar discourse.


Life Is A Reflection Of Your Beliefs
Change Your Beliefs -- Change Your Life!


By changing your thinking patterns you will experience sustained success in business, personal goals, and relationships.


Eliminate identities like victimhood, martyrdom, sufferer, guilty, loser, helpless and hopeless, and codependent that don't work for anyone.


Rid yourself of convictions that are causing you anxiety, stress, emotional blocks, addictive behaviors, low self esteem, powerlessness, lack of financial substance, and physical conditions.


Heal your inner child...Learn to love and appreciate yourself and others at the deepest level. For some, self esteem will be a first time experience. Doing this work and connecting with your higher self releases the real you...before the programming. Recover your authentic self and let that self attract the circumstances of your life.


Experience personal growth and development that expands exponentially as you proceed to discreate old enegrams that are blocking your path to happiness and peace of mind.


May you give yourself permission

to experience and express everything

you feel as a person,

without taking anything personally.

You are much deeper,

much brighter, much broader,

than any idea you could have of yourself.

from the Avatar Materials


Section II teaches you to connect with the peace that surpasses understanding in minutes instead of hours of meditation.


Intuitively the Being knows that the right to happiness
Is more than an accident of birth.

The Being knows that there must be a way

to slip the Anchor of the mind.

And of course there is...

from the Avatar Materials




Š      A gentle, non-confrontational, nonjudgmental, adventure in self-discovery.

Š      Different things to different people. You come with your own needs, your own predisposition, and your own set of expectations. You leave with your own set of solutions, realizations, and successes.

Š      Not a support group, an encounter group or a twelve step program.

Š      It is a series of experiential exercises designed to unlock the knowledge already contained in your own consciousness.

Š      A simplified way of managing life and achieving goals, evaluate, and modify your own beliefs.      

Š      A carefully researched and developed methodology to enable you discover yourself.


People of all cultures, ages and from all walks of life, take this course. Professionals in the field of the personal service industries such as psychotherapist, doctors, and alternative medical practitioners come and experience Avatar and leave claiming they can do more to heal their clients with the Avatar tools than nine years of traditional therapy. Spiritual leaders like monks, priests, nuns, and ministers take Avatar and incorporate its powerfully illuminating techniques into their spiritual practices.


Best of all, the rest of us who make up most of the world's population, postmen, printers, beauticians, teachers, artists, business people, realtors, all come to Avatar seeking a better quality of life, freedom from stress and recurring circumstances we don't understand and believe we can't break free of.




As long as you deny and ignore the negative experiences in your life, labeling them bad luck, and continue worrying about these unwanted experiences, you are giving your subconscious free reign to continue automatically creating the very events you don't want out of old belief systems stored in consciousness.


When you are ready to accept responsibility for your life's choices, Avatar will teach you about focusing your attention only on the intention you want to show up in your life. It enables you to create the new, deliberate beliefs that manifest into the reality you prefer to experience. It's called "Living Deliberately!"


The fact that you are reading this website is an expression of your willingness to explore your own consciousness that your mind and spirit is demanding at this point in your journey. Willingness is the cosmic grace that will take you to your destination.


Awaken To All You Can Be...
Create Only What You Prefer...
Discreate Experiences Instantly...
End Resistance...
Live In A State Of Peaceful Joy!


This exploration and desire for change is totally appropriate on the eve of mankind's major transformation in consciousness as mass consciousness is shifting one mind at a time until critical mass is reached.


If you are interested in exploring your own mind with a goal toward achieving a happier, more balanced, peaceful, fulfilling life, Avatar is the course for you.


It is an honor to be a licensed Avatar Master and to pass these materials on to souls searching for the Truth and within that truth, themselves. The dedication and compassion to leave the space open for you to lovingly and gently experience your own pure source beingness…. is already in place.


Make an adventure of it. Accompany me Worldwide to experience the course from an expanded viewpoint.


When You're Ready...

To Give Up All Your Limiting Beliefs,

Create Beliefs That Will Serve You, And

Create the life you want...moment by moment

Contact me.


If Your Life Is Perfect, Just Like It Is...Don't Call.
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