Avatar has distilled the Universal Principles of Causality into a profoundly simple set of handling techniques - one or the other of which will serve you in every situation for the rest of your life.  This is why I call it "the Owner's Manual to life."


When you take the Avatar course you learn a simple set of tools you can use to easily and quickly shift your mindset, and begin deliberately creating what you want to experience instead of what you are experiencing.


Once the realization is made that you are the source of your experiences, and that this sourceness is based in the consciousness of your own beliefs, the next step is to gain the ability to locate, create and discreate the belief systems that are the basis of your daily existence.


Everything you experience in life is a derived from your beliefs. Your beliefs determine your thoughts, emotions, words, actions, expectations, responses to life, and your physical condition.


To the same degree that you doubt your control over life, that is the

same degree that it will be beyond your control.  

Principles of Causality, Adele Tartaglia


 Avatar is based on the principle that your beliefs are creating your life. Through a series of experiential exercises, the course enables you to discover your real self, source being, the self that is creating the world you are experiencing as your life.


Avatar has been the culmination of all that I have learned in workshops and reading, and it did access to me the ability to experience myself as source of my life. I love it! N Di Tempora


Beliefs can be limiting or empowering. You're only as limited as you believe you are, and alternately, you're only as powerful as you believe you are.


Beliefs either add to your life, or detract from it.


Avatar provides you with handling procedures and rundowns, which enable you to create and discreate the very beliefs that are creating your daily occurrences.


Reality consists of the experiences we believe are real.

The real dilemma of existence is deciding what to believe.


By learning a way of handling belief systems, we can thereby handle life. Avatar works through belief management techniques that are applied to particular instances you encounter in the process of living. You can use the abilities and skills you learn in the course to deliberately restructure the beliefs that form the design of your life, at any time, in any place.


You can handle what comes up for you driving down the street,

walking around a store, or sitting at your desk.

Anywhere, anytime...handle it!


Knowing that beliefs are the primary principle of causality operating in your life, and learning the techniques to manipulate these beliefs, is the key to breaking repetitious patterns, events, and behaviors.


Avatar explains the operations of consciousness and gives you the most effective set of tools available to alter the hidden subconscious programming creating your personal reality.


How much a belief affects reality is determined by

The measure of certainty with which it is held.


Here at last, is an easy way to end the recurrence of destructive behavioral and relationship modeling you learned in childhood. You have the ability to create the kind of relationships you've always dreamt of. Avatar frees you from old family patterns and conditioning that show up automatically in your personality.


The Identity Rundown in the third section of the course will diminish the character traits of faultfinding, blame, projection, judgmentalness, guilt, shame, and unworthiness.


In this process, you will free up an enormous amount of creating attention and energy which was being directed toward the maintenance of the false self and the defense of its position in the world.


Avatar is not a religion, a philosophy, a therapy, a standard of conduct or a belief system. It doesn't sink you into the drama and trauma of the past, yet you will experience relief from, and release of, the past. It isn't a new defense or coping mechanism you can use while you stay stuck in the present day frustrations and constructs. It is a series of simple handling procedures, which eliminate the underlying causes of the predicaments you find yourself in.


The free man is he who does not fear to go to the end of his thought.

Leon Blum


Your own beliefs are the most powerful forces that influence your existence. They determine what you perceive, and how you perceive it. Beliefs are the filters through which you filter your perception of the world, your perceptual reality.


Whatever filter you're viewing the world through, is the

same filter you will experience the world through.

Principles of Causality, Adele Tartaglia


Your personality profile consists of beliefs you have about yourself, true or untrue. They even affect the outcome of your performance based on whatever belief you hold about your performance.


You get what you expect in life because

The energy of expecting, is creating the outcome.

 Understand Your Mind, Adele Tartaglia


The way that others perceive and respond to you is a function of your beliefs and projections. It's all done with mirrors. The most important discoveries you will make are the beliefs and belief systems contained in your own consciousness.  A cue to discovering what these are is to be found in your judgments and opinions of others. Denial and projection is the order of the day.


Personal reality reflects what a person really believes, not always what they are pretending to believe. Pretending is resisting what we decided to believe. Doubt is a conflict between new decisions and old decisions.


You experience what you believe,

unless you believe you won't,

in which case you don't,

which means you did.

Harry Palmer


The course provides a way to easily correct the debilitating beliefs that cause anxiety, fear, suffering, confusion, phobias, helplessness, and hopelessness, thus alleviating these symptoms from your life and freeing up your essential self so you can create joy, abundance, peace, generosity, kindness, love and compassion for yourself and the world.


Identity is composed of and defined by the additional layers of beliefs that are added to our essential self, source being.


The exercises of the Avatar Course help you to explore "behind the scenes" of your existence, and discover the uninspected, unconsciously held hidden beliefs that are causing what appears to be complex and unsolvable problems.


“Within four days, I discovered some transparent beliefs

that once discreated, enabled me to get rid of

a ten-year law suit I had been totally consumed by.”

Adele Tartaglia


You will become proficient at discreating counterproductive beliefs, completely deleting them and their effects, and putting into effect new beliefs which will provide you with the results you are looking for. Identifying and releasing false beliefs that no longer serve you, and installing supporting life-affirming beliefs, has finally become easy...with Avatar. Visualizations, affirmations and denials will become a thing of the past.


One of the most important tasks you can undertake

 in life, is to Discover Who You Are, and Decide

Who You Want To Be to best reflect the

 joyous presence You were meant to be.

Gifts From the Father, Adele Tartaglia




You are… who you decide to be; more real, and more yourself than you have ever been in your life! First you find yourself as you are now, then you decide who you want to be, what you want to keep in your profile and what needs adding to or deleting. Very simply done with the Avatar processes, almost impossible without them.


Avatar gives you a way to go far beyond your current definition of yourself. And if you don't like what you decided on, you can always change it and try something else for a while! There is unlimited potential to who you can become. Consciousness is light! You deserve to experience your creation of you in all its wonder.


The focus of the training is to help you experience yourself as the source of your own experiences. It is a return to the level of consciousness called "aware will" at which you are aware that it is you who is creating your reality, and then knowingly, act on the intention of your will, to change that reality.


"Being at source" is being who you already are, not something new, but something remembered. Experiencing yourself as the source of your own existence is different from understanding the "idea" intellectually. It is not simply the idea that you are the creator of your beliefs, or master of your universe.


Avatar takes you beyond this, To an Experiential Awareness of Yourself as the Originator of Your Beliefs and Your Life. This is a profound and enlightening recognition. It will bring about a permanent and glorifying shift in consciousness.


Recognition that everything begins and ends with you is

the start of intentional Self-Regulation and

Self-Direction…and the end of other referredness.

Understand Your Mind, Adele Tartaglia


When you are ready for the actual Experience of Source, come and take the course. You will never regret it! The only thing you will wonder about when you are done with the course, is why you didn't take it years ago.


There are DVD’s, CD’s and books you can order to get acquainted with Avatar.  Contact me for some ideas of this fascinating material.



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