Avatar's Natural State of



In the Condition of Mind Abiding in It's Natural State,

Pure Beingness, You Will Experience...


An Independent Joyfulness

Which Is Not Dependent on Anything At All.


A Feeling and Experience of Grounded Sensitivity

Embracing All Aspects and Views of Life.


Sustained and Continuous Harmonization of the Energies

Arising and Passing Away In Every Mind Moment.


A Distinct and Irresistible Inclination to Perform

"Random Acts Of Kindness" for Others and The Planet.


A Faith and Confidence in Patient Beginnings.


A Love of Virtue and Integrity


The Realization that Warm Heartedness and Respect

Come from Living with Profound Goodness.


A Commitment to Truth Which Pervades the Universe

In All Directions and Nurtures Universal Compassion.


Keen Interest in Cooperation and Complementary

Relationships Rather Than Competition.


A Sense of Being Aloof from Time and Space.


A Sense of Being Detached from Past and Future.


The Manifestation of the Smile of Serenity

Replacing the Pose of Personality.


An Awareness of Being Beyond even Happiness

....At Peace.