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"This entire experience has been wonderful, more than I even anticipated. I had a gut feeling that this was what I had been "storming the gates of heaven" for. I cannot put a price on what I have gained. The experiential tools are like a catalyst for all the truths I have resonated with along the way but have only understood intellectually and wasn't sure how to incorporate in my daily life. Avatar is a great blessing that has been added to my life. I can readily see that the tools, if practiced regularly, will become a natural and dynamic way of living and being. Thank you again and again for reuniting me with my family, the Avatars throughout the world."
JM, Arizona, USA








The Life Management Center in Arizona

A quiet oasis where souls in search of themselves can get in touch with their beingness, re-create their lives from a state of pure awareness, feel their feelings, handle their issues, and manage their belief systems in a safe, gentle, and supportive atmosphere.


The Life Management Center is located on a picturesque lake surrounded by mountains, sunrises and sunsets. This serene location makes it the ideal setting for quiet, personal, discovery experiences. Just a few miles from amazing South Mountain, a gentle hike up this mountainside affords the student overwhelming shifts in perspectives on his own life as well as the world.


The center's proximity to hotel and restaurant facilities provides convenience for the visiting students. Kitchen facilities are available for those on a special diet.


Delivery Worldwide

Avatar Master Adele Tartaglia travels the world to deliver the Avatar class.  Offshore classes must have at least three full course students with their deposits on file.  See “Worldwide” for a full description.




Read the Classes section for a full review of the course.


Classes usually run for a week for Sections II-III.  Each student is different and goes through the course on his own schedule. Taking Sections II and III consecutively, there is a cumulative effect in consciousness to the succession of realizations.  Insights are rapid and frequent when you stay in the flow. The course has been carefully researched and engineered toward sequential synchronicity. For this reason I recommend that you take Sections II and III together or as close together as you can.




However, you can take the class on your own time schedule if you need to. If it is more convenient for you, or work scheduling precludes your taking a full week off, you can arrange to take the class in sections, reviewing each time you return to class. All of each Section must be taken at one time. You can come to Section II and finish it, then wait and come back for Section III and finish that section, etc.  Section I without taking at least Sections II is no longer being offered.


In Section II, the student attains a peace and sense of oneness with all of creation as creator that is seldom experienced without years of meditation. The first exercise teaches you to access this internal sourceness that is you. This section teaches you to create whatever you want in life, including the money to take Section III, and discreate any blocks you may have to your desires and goals. Many students take Section II and start creating everything they want in life. You can take Section II without the rest of the Sections but you cannot take Section III without taking Section II.


There are often some interesting wins when breaking the course up too. Attention does not get exhausted when you take the first two sections together and then come back for the third. Some people find they absorb more of the material and retain more when they take it in sections. Also, you're never in the same state of consciousness twice so when you return, you may be in the exact frame of reference to be most receptive to the material which will bring you the most benefits. There are no accidents. However the course flows for you, the timing will be perfect.




With Avatar, you get it all, and you continue to get it all with the support of Star's Edge and your Master for the rest of your life. Reviews for a nominal charge are given by your Master and Star's Edge.  Even the advanced courses are reviewed with only a nominal charge applied.




At Avatar on the Lake, students get together regularly to review the materials, practice using the tools, and create their primaries in a supportive group setting. In this energy of heightened awareness, the creations of the students manifest without effort.




Since credit cards are accepted, financial arrangements have been eased for the person who is ready emotionally and conceptually but may be delaying for monetary reasons. Tuition is set by Stars Edge International®


Section I: Resurfacing U.S. $250 (2 Days) with a $100 Discount off the course, credited when you sign up for Sections II and III. Section II: The Exercises, is U.S. $500 (2-3 days); and Section III: The Rundowns, is U.S. $1,500 (4 days).




“I resented the fee for the course until I took it and realized it could have

costs five times as much and been worth it. The tools completely changed

the disastrous life I was stuck in and gave me control for the first time.”


Having researched the subject, Star's Edge Philosophy is in alignment with the mass conscious belief that "You get what you pay for" only in so far as to give the course away free or for less money in order to promote an enlightened global civilization, would prevent a great many people from taking the course based on their own present belief systems which subscribe to the: You get what you pay for theory; if you don't pay, you don't get much, there's no free lunch, etc. Since this is a common belief, and since this is certainly not the case with Avatar, Star's Edge does not encourage giving the course away or reducing rates.


The cost of Avatar is comparable with most of the week long courses available today but Avatar gives you the tools you need to live the life you want. Avatar is the only course you keep on doing for the rest of your life even after you go back home.


By the time you finish the course, you will be creating for yourself many times more money, happiness, peace, and success than the course fees.


"I had a belief when I signed up for the course, that the fees were too high. After I finished the course, I changed my mind completely. I can assure you that you couldn't pay what the course is worth for the change in the quality of your life.  There simply isn't enough money to pay for the peaceful state of mind that begins to take hold of you during the Avatar course. Beyond that, you get tools and the training to use them to handle every situation that comes up.  Nothing else offers you as much security as Avatar."
J. Peters


After all, the course is about taking personal responsibility for your life and the direction it takes. To give the course away or charge a nominal fee would discourage independence and encourage dependence on some source outside yourself to take care of you or give you the answers ...the antithesis of being an Avatar.


"Whoever created the belief that poverty and world service go hand in hand cost humanity the help of some of the most powerful people who have ever lived. I intend that the people who are trained and licensed to deliver Avatar set an example for the world: Prosperity and good works belong together."
Harry Palmer.




Star's Edge International does offer a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. I believe at the present time in 1999, there have been only a few requests for refunds out of the thousands of Avatars trained since the inception of the course in 1987. I have never been asked for a refund. I am committed to being sure my students get the course before they leave. With courses being given in 60 countries, in 19 languages and  Avatars all over the world, a few requests is phenomenal. Avatar will change your life, your thinking, and your relationship to yourself and others. When you are ready for these changes, come to class.




Discount coupons from the Resurfacing Workshop will be honored. $100 credit toward the class tuition will also be given for your referrals that sign up to take the full course.




Avatar has been proved to be a tremendous asset to the business community. The Avatar course is available in the business arena. Contact me for special events and deliveries for your company.


"I have no doubt that Avatar is the easiest and best tool for the job, especially

for business people. It allows them to solve problems for themselves."
Komatsu, Japan


It has been found that people who have taken the Avatar course get along better with their fellow workers, are more dedicated and creative in their work, have a greater capacity for leadership potential, have more effective communication tools, provide better customer service, are more focused in their attention to tasks, better organized and aligned with the company goals, more able to complete assignments on time with less effort, and have specialized marketing skills. Various parts of the course teach and reinforce each of these business goals.


This list of benefits has been verified throughout the business community taking advantage of the Avatar Business Model. I am available to deliver to your company and re-align goals at any time.


I delivered the course to a postal employee and the comments about his changed personality when he returned to work overwhelmed him.




If you are still wondering if this is the course for you, review the website. Click on Benefits or Testimonials, Sample Avatar: The Getting Started section to review the course materials and order FREE introductory information; Read Living Deliberately and Resurfacing; Use the audio and video tapes; Read the Lectures and Articles; Do some of the Exercises; Attend a Resurfacing Workshop or lecture.


When you are ready, and when it is entirely appropriate for you, you will take the course if you have the intention of making the most of your life and fulfilling your personal mission.


Lectures about the course are given at the Life Management Center, book stores and at International conferences.