From Avatar Students Worldwide


These are excerpts from some of the thousands of

actual letters from Avatar Students. Decide for Yourself.



"...I am no longer fooled by my own thoughts or emotions."

Hannequin, France


"...My discoveries have exceeded my expectations.

I am more prepared to handle any life situation."

Goodsell, Australia


“If you are interested in finding who you really are, you don't need to wait! You don't need fifty years in a monastery! You don't need to reincarnate for the next ten thousand years. Go for Avatar. It's a gift. It's possible. Now! It's the fantastic possibility you are looking for. Grab it. It's for you.”

Michel Langinieux, Paris


"My mind is still. I am inspired. When you let yourself sink into the materials, profound changes occur."

Thompson, CA


“This truly is the most powerful course and what

I really love about it is that there are no rules attached.

It gives you experientially the ability to be at source of your own life

ongoingly and to discreate and create realities at will.

I've stopped making people wrong and I am totally unattached...”

Lana Sciberras


“When you find Avatar...that moment is a moment of truth!...

You begin to see how every thing in your life fits...

When a certain percentage of the people have done Avatar,

world conflicts will cease.”

Gabriel Sarain, Tijuana, Mexico


"I am not the same 'I' that existed prior to Avatar. That 'I' still exists, but it is contained within me, at my choice; it is not 'me'. What is possible NOW that was impossible before? Anything..."

MM Martinez, CA


"My Master never stopped believing in me, no matter how greatly I resisted. She accepted me and my choices. Then I met Another Me. Inside me, there is one brilliant light that is Another Me and there is nothing simpler or more crystal clear than that. Another Me is always smiling and full of confidence. Now that I am aware of it, I am happy and I can share my happiness with others. Those who are aware of their own Another Me are always smiling and confident. As for my belief, only I decide what to believe. I choose what I experience. I choose to be happy and choose for other people to be happy. Thank you to my Avatar Master. There was Another Me in your eyes. I realized the meaning of the decision because of your help."

HO, Japan


“I'd had one of those minds that runs incessantly. It was one of my major problems in life. I'd done meditation for years and years, spiritual purification programs -- and I had never found that peace. I knew it must exist because I had folks tell me about it, but I had never experienced it myself. When I came to the realization after the course that I was at total peace, it was the sweetest moment -- it felt good in my body -- no mind talk. It was heaven.”

Kayt Campbell, Texas


“Doing Avatar was a high point in my life. That was it. No more chasing

the carrot; I had the carrot; I was eating the carrot; I was the carrot!”

Kai Bay-Jespersen, Sydney, Australia




The Best Investment you can make is an investment in yourself!! Avatar is for you if you have ever said to yourself…..


I wish I knew an easier way to achieve my goals.

I am tired of living like this.

I am willing to do WHATEVER I have to, to change it!!!!

I have got to get out of this.

I've just had a terrible blow. Is there anything I can do to ease my pain?

They never told me life was like this.

I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I know there has to be more to life than this, but how do I find it?

I want to expand my perception of life.

I want to be the one running the show for a change.


I'm ashamed of feeling helpless and hopeless but my life is

actually hopeless and I am helpless to change it. HELP!


I've just been told I have cancer.

What is the best alternative method of curing it?


I want to unbottle my "stuff" and get rid of it once and for all!

Isn't there a faster way that traditional psychotherapy?




“Sublime happiness-

In expressible love-

Deepest feelings beyond comprehension-

Profound enlightenment-

Secret celebration and delight-

I want to cry with joy!

Unspeakable appreciation for all life.”

Sal Princiotta Jr.


“What a beautiful lesson in "selfhood" and "brotherhood!" So simple.

So effective. All the pieces have at last fit into place.”

Brian O'Donohue, Perth


“Avatar was like a lid lifting off a box, and all these beliefs, limitations and

upsets I had on myself just rose out of the box and drifted away.”

Peg Tinsley, Perth


“There has been an evolutionary development of spiritual practices that I

believe has reached fulfillment with the Avatar materials.”

Arif Fareed, Melbourne, Australia


“I can't describe the experience of my own personal healing.

A tremendous amount of work was accomplished in a very short time.

Now that I have a clean slate, I'm ready to explore! Thank you all!”



“Avatar brought me very quickly and very easily to a place where I could

step in or out of the whole complex web of my own creation,

and the relief from that ability is incredible.”

Katie Baier, Miami


“Life is so uncomplicated now. Any reality I create I can have fun or no fun with

as I choose. The most important reality is I have a choice!...I am amazed.”

Henry Miller


“I now know and experience who I am. I am sure of Avatar. I create my conviction, there is no doubt. I felt it in my dreams, I intuitively got that it had arrived. It's a liberation, a freedom, it's -- sometimes silence is more eloquent!”

Nelly Guerin


“Avatar was the course that gave me my life back. I was always worried about the future...What if, what if...I was afraid to experience. I accepted that "you've got to be tough"...I was in a cage separate from my feelings. There was a lot of tension and worry. Avatar opened the door to the cage and life became fun again. The high point for me was my mind got quiet. That's what I always wanted to achieve in other practices. Avatar gave me the ability to turn my mind off or to turn it on as I wanted. This, for me, was a big achievement.”

Andreas Suter, Switzerland


“Avatar opened a door to becoming a witness to consciousness, to being the observer of my own process and no longer getting trapped in it. Sometimes people get trapped by the content of their life and unable to separate from it like being a wave that is unaware of the ocean that it is in. Avatar allows you to come back to your center and recognize that you are not trapped, but only exploring. It gets rid of the "precious junk" that we surround ourselves with and close out life.”

Dr. Gerald Epstein, NY


"After Avatar my life has gradually changed positively. Assuming the responsibility of my creations, I have recovered my serenity, and my body is healthier. The strangest thing is that everything around me is as it was before, but I see and feel in a better way. There aren't things, people or events that hurt me, but only creations that are here for a moment and then flow away. The secret is in accepting them. Avatar is so simple. It doesn't indoctrinate. I have learned to use what I already owned -- the life potential that is deep down inside me. Avatar has simply awakened me. It is as if I was living another life, a life that I now appreciate and live with awareness. I thank God for what life offers me instead of crying for what life doesn't give me. When I talk with someone, I am on the same wavelength. There is no competition, no fear, no inferiority/superiority sensation -- only people from whom there is always something to learn."

HB, Italy


"I have never been more at peace with myself or been more self confident about what I want to do with my life. At 50 I am finally becoming the person I have been trying to be after 25 years of practicing different types of meditation practices and yoga. Life really is a carnival and a joy when realization occurs, and you come to know yourself as source and creator of your life. This really is the most powerful self-improvement course in the world. A pain that I was having in my left hip, that I blamed on arthritis for years, was gone after my first day in Section III after just one body handle. Thank you Harry Palmer, for the gift of self empowerment and happiness that this course gives, and thank you to my Master, for your patience and hard work and understanding."

KC, Washington


“Avatar has this incredible simple technique

that teaches one how to actually deal with thought.”

Daniel Creegan, Arizona