World Wide Deliveries

As an Avatar Master who loves traveling, I am always happy to deliver the course anywhere in the United States and throughout the world. To book an offsite delivery there must be three students signed up for the full course. Friends like to take a trip and do the course together. Student deposits for offsite locations, $500, must be received prior to booking an offsite course.


As a scuba diver and sports fisherman, my favorite places include locations where a great dive, snorkel, or deep sea fishing trip can take place like Australia, the Cayman Islands, Florida Keys, Mexico, Bonaire, and Hawaii. 

Whether in Australia floating above the Great Barrier Reef, going down the Great Wall in the Cayman Islands, the Florida Keys, Mexico, or Hawaii, the course will guide you through you own unconscious beliefs to be discreated as I guide you through caverns of North Sound Reef.  You get to weave your way through your own levels of consciousness as you weave your way through the coral gardens. 


I will take you to famous reefs in the Florida Keys to play among the ocean's creatures while experiencing them in an entirely new way. Ever swim with and “feel” a dolphin up close and personal or upload an Eagle Ray?  In John Pennekamp Coral Reef, Alligator Reef, Molasses Reefs, Statue of Christ of the Abyss reef, this is what you will experience.


Learn to make the sun come out for your underwater photography!


And Islamorada Key is one of the sports fishing capitals of the world. Aboard the Blue Chip Too with Captain Skip Bradeen you won’t have time to do anything but haul in the catch. And you can create a great catch for yourself before you leave the dock!


The Louvre in Paris, the Swiss Alps, Crop circles, Gothic Cathedrals, Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, The Vatican, Florence, Venice, Milan, or the Castles of Germany are there for your enjoyment and inspiration. Make the course an adventure by exploring the architecture, history, food, and art of Europe while feeling into the lives that produced such magnificence. Europe is unmatched in excellence for photo shoots and to expand your horizons about your life in relation to the culture prerogatives of the rest of the world. 


The Hopi Indians, Lake Powell, and the Grand Canyon


Sedona where the magic of the red Mountains immediately alters your state of consciousness to that of “aware will” manifesting instantly….your natural state. Sedona with its magical vortexes offers gifts to take you deeper into the “source being” that you are. Lake Powell, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, and the Chiricahua Mountains are awe inspiring settings to do “feel its” and become one with some of the most beautiful nature on the planet.  Soak in the energy of the Hopi Indians, “the peaceful ones,” our spiritual ancestors who knew it all eons before white man did. If you want a physical as well as a mental and spiritual challenge, Arizona can provide them all for you.